Europa aneignenIn den Spuren Romano Guardinis1

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Seizing Europe in trail of Guardini. European history knows several attempts to govern this part of the world from one centre, but they all failed. So did the attempt to unify it by economics alone, which led into the financial-, economic-, euro-crisis. It is our chance to rediscover the polyphonic character of European identity. This article pays attention to a forgotten voice in the European concert, namely Romano Guardini. Born in Italy, but grown up in Germany he discovered Europe as the only way to live these differences and tensions in a positive way. Receiving the Erasmus Prize (1962) Guardini looked back on his work as a contribution to the genesis of an European consciousness. In the uncomfortable reality of today, faced with tensions between north and south, east and west in Europe, Guardinis interpretations show us examples how to live these tensions in a constructive way transforming them into a dialogue and regaining the common good in Europe. Special attention is asked for Guardinis attitude, theoretically mentioned as Der Gegensatz. Versuch einer Philosophie des Lebendig-Konkreten.

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