Ein monumentales Lob des MonotheismusAnmerkungen zu Eckhard Nordhofens Buch «Corpora»

Abstract / DOI

A Monumental Praise of Monotheism. On Eckhard Nordhofen’s study «Corpora». In his book «Corpora. Die anarchische Kraft des Monotheismus» Eckhard Nordhofen shows that the innermost impulse of monotheism enlightens the mechanisms of violence that were historically developed by monotheistic religion itself. Jan Assmann and Peter Sloterdijk called these mechanisms the essence of monotheism. According to Nordhofen, to replace idolatry with Holy Scripture as the object of cultic worship was the reason for the success of biblical monotheism. It furthermore overcame its affinity to violence by the concept of incarnation. But is this really the end of its inclination to violence?

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