«Parting of the Ways»Wann schieden sich die Wege von Judentum und Christentum?

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The «Parting of the Ways»: The Variegated Processes of Separation between Jews and Christians. The process of separation between Jews and Christians did not occur at a certain moment in history but developed over a long period of time and only came to an end with the dogmatic declarations of church-councils in the fourth century. Neither Jesus nor his first followers had intended to form a separate religion apart from Judaism, and the often mentioned «Synod of Yavneh», which is presumed to have expelled the Christians, never even took place. In the end it was a work of identity-building of orthodox church fathers and orthodox rabbis that led to a parting of the ways. Today the rediscovery and integration of its Jewish roots is an ongoing task for Christian theology – following Romans 11:18, «It is not you that support the root, but the root that supports you.» Paul’s conviction that God has also redeemed Jews who do not believe in Christ (Rom 11:32) might open up new perspectives for an interreligious dialogue.

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