How dare we?Philosophische Überlegungen zu einem menschlichen Umgang mit der ökologischen Krise


How Dare We? Philosophical Considerations about a Humane Responding to the Ecological Crisis. The article deals with the challenge of the climate crisis for our humanness. It is not about the technical-political question of what measures should be taken now and how they should be implemented, but about the existential-philosophical question of how we can meet the challenge of the crisis in a humane way. To recognize the danger and to avert it is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for this. One can fight a danger with means that are themselves dangerous. These include dishonesty, totalitarianism, misanthropy, monothematism, panic, and self-righteousness. The necessary conditions for a humane approach to the crisis include truthfulness, the rediscovery of the categorical imperative, adherence to democracy and the rule of law, gratitude, and hope.

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