Sexueller Missbrauch in der Kirche und das Konzept der VulnerabilitätUrsachen, Aufarbeitung, Prävention


Sexual Abuse in the Church and the Vulnerability Approach: Causes, further Investigation, Prevention.
Sexual abuse by clerics within the church is a horrendous crime, especially where children or adolescents are concerned. Spiritual abuse and »grooming« need to be reflected upon to create effective prevention measures. Vigilance in seminary formation seems to be as crucial as an authentic confrontation of seminarians with their own sexuality that they may be prepared to live out celibacy in a responsible way. To raise the concept of vulnerability in the discussion about handling and finding solutions in regard to the abuse cases would provide understanding as well as perspectives. Being vulnerable is part of the human condition and is to be valued and protected. The specific vulnerability of minors were instead misused by clerics in a shameful way. Vulnerability can be both a key to the understanding of some aspects of the abuse itself and can also provide a guideline for prevention.

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