Gottes Wort sehenBibelverkündigung in der Liturgie als ästhetische Herausforderung

Abstract / DOI

Seeing God’s Word: Aesthetics and the Liturgical Proclamation of the Bible. The proclamation of the Bible is among the most important elements of the liturgy. The spoken and symbolic execution of the liturgy is rooted in the Bible, and thus the Bible is the only indispensable liturgical book. More attention needs to be accorded, in addition to the Lectionary, to the rituals and symbols that accompany the proclamation of the Word. Careful attention to the aesthetics of proclamation is necessary to ensure that those who celebrate are reached by the biblical texts, so that an encounter with God can take place. The way in which the lectern is used, and which rituals are performed greatly influences whether the participants are able to gain access to the Bible. The Word of God can come to fruition when it is truly celebrated – in other words, when it is surrounded by an aesthetic which speaks to both the intellect and the senses.

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