Unser Körper in Zeiten einer «Revolution der Zärtlichkeit»Von der Gnade des Spürens und dem Sinn der Sinne

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The Body in Times of a «Revolution of Tenderness» (Evangelii gaudium). The human body is of vital importance in the theology of Pope Francis. The «revolution of tenderness» makes an appeal for the risk of an immediate relation to the other person, for a «reconciliation with the body of the other man». The «sensus fidei» in the thought of the Pope is understood as a sense of God and neighbour. The relation to the Other should touch our heart. The German sociologist Hartmut Rosa is talking about the relations in our society as «resonances», starting his reflections with a phenomenology of body and its experience. And E. Levinas, well known to Pope Francis, stresses that transcendence means touching the Other, and that the senses have their own dignity and value. By his sensibility man is able to leave himself and to face the Other immediately. Without an inner relation to the other person, life will become heartless.

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