«Jesus kehrte, erfüllt von der Kraft des Geistes, nach Galiläa zurück»Das heilsgeschichtliche Wirken der Dreieinigkeit im Sendungsauftrag Christi


«Jesus, filled with the power of the Spirit, returned to Galilee» (Lk 4:14,16–23) - The salvific work of the Trinity in the mission of Christ. The theological reflection on the revelation and work of the Trinity in salvation history has experienced an upswing in recent decades. The focus is now no longer on the nature, substance, unity or trinity of the Holy Trinity, but rather on the opening up of God in the history of salvation as Trinitarian. In the context of this article, the salvific-historical effect of the Trinity will be presented using the example of Lk 4:14,16–23. This happens on the one hand through God’s sending of His Son, through the power of the Spirit (Lk 4,14) and the revelation of the messianic ministry of Jesus. Through the interplay of the Holy Trinity, the revelation of God in Christ and Jesus’ image of God, and through the power of the Spirit (Lk 4:14), we have been freed from the burden and filled with hope of eternal life, for in the end it is man’s goal to reach the Father through Christ in the Spirit.

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