Die Konstellation von Glauben und WissenZur Genealogie des nachmetaphysischen Denkens bei Jürgen Habermas


The Constellation of Faith and Knowledge: Jürgen Habermas on the Genealogy of Post-Metaphysical Thinking. Over the past decades Jürgen Habermas has reflected intensively on the relationship between faith and knowledge. This path of thought leads to his new monumental work addressing the concern question what philosophy might still be able to achieve today. This question is embedded in the defense and further development of the project of modernity, the social realization of the idea of reasonable freedom. The almost 1,800 pages offer a treasure trove, full of refreshing and new interpretations of well-known, but also to some extent neglected texts of the philosophical tradition. It is not just playful curiosity that drives Habermas to deal with the classic texts on faith and knowledge with such depth and perseverance. Rather, this attitude expresses his basic conviction that post-metaphysical thinking can contribute to contemporary public debates only if secular reason is capable to reflect on its religious origin and to relate to this heritage in an appropriate manner.

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