Die Prophetie des AltersEine Verheißung im Neuen Testament

Abstract / DOI

The Prophecy of Old Age: A Promise of the New Testament. This essay examines the significance of old age in the New Testament by way of analyzing several examples and figures. It thus provides outlooks for a christian view of old age today. First of all, early christianity reduces the prominence of family and patriarchy and displays a pathos of novelty. But the new is not the destruction, but the fulfillment of the old. According to the Acts of the Apostles there is no privilege of old age concerning the phenomenon of prophecy, nevertheless it is a specific charisma of the elderly. Moreover, there is a prophetic dialogue javascript:void(0);between young and old. After all, the prophecy of old age is by no means nostalgic, but it is at the same time conscious of the past, sensible for the present and future-oriented.

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