Zur Berufung berufen sein oder: die Kunst der Berufung

Boot auf dem Wasser
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Being Called to Vocation, or: The Art of Vocation. This text starts from the current crises of vocations in a world of self-determination and self-optimization, explaining how the traditional understanding of «calling» can be translated and reinterpreted for today. Without a calling, there is no faith. The trinitarian God, who is already a calling in himself, calls the human being and thus expresses himself as love, and the human responds out of their own freedom and decisively to this claim. A calling also strives outward and manifests itself in the testimony of active love. However, a vocation does not have to occur in a spectacular way; it can also happen quietly or in small steps. Therefore, it is important to endure the stillness, the supposed silence of God. When considering the relationship between God and creation, a calling can be understood as a work of art, as a play between God and human.

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