Chalkedon – nicht mehr vermittelbar?Kontextuelle Theologien, ihre neuen Paradigmen und das Erbe der altkirchlichen Christologie

Abstract / DOI

«Chalcedon – no longer mediable? Contextual Theologies, Their New Paradigms, and the Legacy of Early Church Christology». The new paradigms of contextual theologies, as they have emerged in the Latin American, African and Asian contexts, certainly pose central questions as to whether Chalkekon can still be communicated today. Thesis of the present contribution is that these new theologies of a universal church do not take leave of Chalkedon in the sense of Christian faith conviction and the truth content of Christian revelation, but rather their new perspectives make visible the central «transformation process of historical reason» of the post-conciliar period. The slowing down of these contextual-theological developments becomes rather the other way round a question to the theological work of a Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith still proceeding according to a «Western» and thus «Eurocentric» logic.

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