Beschneidung des HerrnWarum Papst Franziskus eine Lücke in der katholischen Gedenkkultur schließen sollte

Abstract / DOI

The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ: Why Pope Francis Should Close a Gap in the Catholic Culture of Remembrance. This essay argues for a re-introduction of the feast «In circumcisione Domini» in the catholic liturgical year. Circumcision is a theme that roots deep in the history of Judaism and must be examined in biblical, patristical and juridical perspective. There are four major reasons for the plea for re-introduction: (1) The feast is an act of solidarity with the Jews in Europe who are facing a rise in antisemitism today. (2) As a sign of God’s Covenant the circumcision is a reminder of the Jewish identity of Jesus Christ. (3) The feast could be a corrective against gnostic tendencies in Christology, because it focusses on the bodily dimension of God’s incarnation. (4) Moreover it is a signal for ecumenism, since the feast connects with the liturgical praxis of the Eastern churches and the Reformed church.

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