Furcht und Furchtlosigkeit in der Bibel

Abstract / DOI

Fear and Fearlessness in the Bible. The Bible paints a very realistic picture of fear and fearlessness. There are good reasons to be afraid of inner-worldly dangers and to react to them in a wise way. But there are also forms of fear that are inappropriate and that need to be overcome. The comfort: «Do not fear!» is found in the Bible above all in connection with the surprising appearance of God. This epiphany fear is found in many religions. The comfort «Do not fear!» aims at transforming the natural human fright before the revealing deity into trust. Through this reversal from fear into trust, God can act on creation through his creatures. Rightly understood, the fear of God remains an attitude of awareness towards God in listening to him and fulfilling his commandments, as well as accepting and enduring his transforming action on human beings. In perfect love, the fear of punishment disappears because the believer is in God and God in him (1 John 4:15-18).

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