Zelt und WolkeRatzinger und der Geist der Liturgie

Abstract / DOI

Cloud and Tent. Ratzinger and the Spirit of Liturgy. The business of secular religious studies consist mainly in the comparison of cult and rites. This is obvious, because from the observers point of view they look indeed so similar. This leads to relativism. But if one accepts the participant perspective (Paul Feyerabend) relativism cannot provide a satisfactory answer. In a life under the dictum of singularity, therefore the uncomparable becomes the most valuable good. Joseph Ratzinger/Bendedict XVI. never hesitated to speak of a singular truth which is like a shining star. It lightens up and shows the direction, even if you cannot set your foot on it. It is the moment of witholding, that makes biblical monotheism unique. In his numerous contributions to this subject, Ratzinger never tires of pointing out, that liturgy cannot be made, because it is a gift of God, not even by the designers at the desks of liturgical science. What matters is not the staging of a communal experience, but that those celebrating place themselves together before God and his mystery.

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