Von nirgendwo zum Panpsychismus?Ein kritischer Blick auf Thomas Nagels „Geist und Kosmos“

Zusammenfassung / Summary

Recently, some professional philosophers have fundamentally questioned the program of a purely naturalistic explication of the mind. One of the most famous proponents of this questioning, Thomas Nagel, has been broadly welcomed in public discourse with his book Mind and Cosmos, and gladly taken up by theologians as well. Nagel argues that an explication of the universe should be more complex than all previous naturalistic conceptions, and that the mind should also be taken into account as a constitutive factor. My central issue is to prove that Nagel’s critique of naturalism is indeed justified, but that the alternative he presents – a more comprehensive concept of the world and of man – is, in view of the size of the task, doomed to fail.

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