Helfen denkenSozial-caritatives Handeln als philosophischer Gegenstand par excellence

Zusammenfassung / Summary

This article seeks to show that ‘helping’ is a phenomenon of supreme philosophical relevance, since it involves a particularly dense intersection of topics related to anthropology, ethics and philosophy of religion. The existential seriousness of ‘helping’ forces the subject out of the field of mere reasoning and into that of actual deciding. Anthropologically speaking, it shows our fundamental need not just of the other’s service, but of his or her goodness, as well as our responsibility as our “brothers’ keepers”. Both aspects are mediated by our corporeality as the place where wounds are both inflicted and cured. Ethically speaking, the phenomenon of ‘helping’ manifests that the essence of Good consists formally in duty and materially in love. From the viewpoint of philosophy of religion, it leads us to the divine “origin of our being privileged with the duty of being good” (Jörg Splett).

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