L’impatto della Vita Augustini (e di Agostino) sulla produzione letteraria di età vandalica: temi martiriali e agiografici

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

“The impact of Vita Augustini (and of Augustine) on literary productions of the Vandal period: martyrial and hagiographic themes” – Possidius objective in writing the Vita Augustini was of course to keep Augustine’s memory alive. But in the difficult context of the Vandal conquest of North Africa he also sets out to portray his mentor and friend as the embodiment of the good bishop who takes care of his flock, is able to represent the Church’s interests in front of civil authorities and, above all, is ready to die for the sake of his people. The article examines the influence that this hagiographic model exercised on literary productions of the Vandal period and how the conceptions of martyrdom developed by Augustine and Possidius was reflected by contemporary historians, biographers and preachers.

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