Simon Magus und die römische Petrustradition

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„Simon magus and the Roman Tradition of Peter“ – Justin Martyr mistook an ancient Roman inscription on the Sabine god Semo Sancus for Simon Magus. According to Otto Zwierlein, this misconception is said to have developed the Roman Petrus tradition: since Peter appears in the Acts of the Apostles against the magician, Peter was transferred to Rome for the same purpose. This hypothesis not only suffers from its inner improbability, but also has the testimony of authors and texts against it. For neither Justin nor Irenaeus nor Tertullian know anything about an encounter between the apostle and the magician in Rome; indeed, their remarks on the success of Simon in Rome virtually exclude such an encounter. The fight of Peter against Simon Magus in Rome and the destruction of the magician are inventions of the author of the apocryphal acts of Peter, which later Eusebius has processed in his church history.

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