Bischof Alois Hudal und die Judenrazzia in Rom am 16. Oktober 1943

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„Bishop Alois Hudal and the raid of the Jews in Rome on 16 October 1943“ – On 16 October 1943, Bishop Alois Hudal (1885–1963), Rector of the German National Church in Rome, Santa Maria dell’Anima, sent a letter to Major General Reiner Stahel, the German City Commander of Rome, criticizing the major raid of the Jews which was taking place in the city at that very moment. To date, only incomplete extracts from this letter, in different textual variants had been known. Now for the first time the complete text is published and analyzed. This casts new light on the origin and authorship of the document. It also enables a new hypothesis on the persecution of the Jews in Rome which is to be developed.


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