Die Popularisierung des Papstes – Pius XII. in medialer Modernität. Schlaglichter auf weltpolitische Krisenzeiten

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„Popularization of the Pope: Pius XII. in media modernity. Highlights on world political crisis“ – What the personally rather shy Pacelli Pope did not succeed in the Second World War, namely to find attention for his theological and humanitarian-culturally sound peacekeeping, he succeeded under completely different political-ideological conditions in the fifties. Through the political alliance with the Western powers in the face of the Korean crisis succeeded Pius XII. to find media attention, which was used by him eagerly and in increasing modernity. Surprisingly, it was both times the papacy and the private life of the pontiff, which the Vatican played in the foreground. In the mid-fifties, it became apparent that the Vatican had handled almost experimentally with the mechanisms of popularization.

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