Hubert Jedin – Leiter der „Arierabteilung“ und Archivar im Erzbistum Breslau 1936 bis 1939

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„Hubert Jedin as supervisor of the „Arierabteilung“ and as archivist in the archive of the archdiocese Breslau from 1936 to 1939 – The church historian Hubert Jedin repatriated to Nazi Germany in 1936 because he hoped to become the main archivist of the archive of the big Silesian archdiocese Breslau. This hope was dashed, and he was ordered by his archbishop Cardinal Adolf Bertram to work as supervisor in the new archival office called „Arierabteilung“. It was founded to process the rising number of personal German ancestry and familiy inquiries. They had to be researched in the old and archived church books of Breslau which had been transfered from the parishes to the diocesan archive. During the years 1936 to 1939, Jedin processed thousands of these inquiries although he himself was a victim of the Nazi’s race politic against the Jewish German citizens. Finally Jedin realized that even in this position he was threatened by the Gestapo and left Germany in autumn 1939. On the basis of new historical documents, this article discusses this short period of Jedin’s live in the archive of the archdiocese Breslau.

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