„Lass nicht zu, dass ich jemals von dir getrennt werde“Eleonore Stumps thomasische Antwort auf das Argument aus dem Übel

Zusammenfassung / Summary

Eleonore Stump’s answer to the antitheistic philosophical argument from evil in her latest book “Wandering in Darkness” centers around the value of the loving community between God and human beings. Suffering is the most apt instrument for making such a community possible. Stump’s book does not only exemplify some recent developments in the philosophical discussion of the problem of evil but also opens up some new directions in this discussion. Her answer to the problem of evil is characterized by the distinction of two different kinds of knowledge - one more propositional-discursive in character and the other relying mainly on experience, acquaintance and empathy. Further characteristics are the marriage of these two kinds of approaches in her book with the help of the exegesis of four biblical stories and finally the recognition of the importance of the subjective aspects of suffering for the philosophical problem of evil.

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