"Für eine Dame unerhört". Bernarda von Nell diskutiert mit Adolf von Harnack

Zusammenfassung / Summary

Drawing its evidence from hitherto unpublished letters to the editors Hans Delbrück (Berlin) and Karl Muth (München), the present study proves the following fact: Bernarda von Nell, mother of the Jesuit priest and professor of social ethics Oswald von Nell-Breuning, is the author the anonymous article „Wie denkt Professor Harnack über die Enzyklika Pascendi?" (Preußische Jahrbücher 134/3 [Dec. 1908] 385-396 = Hochland 6/5 [Febr. 1909] 521-530). This attack on Adolf Harnack is part of her continuous, sometimes critical, sometimes admiring discussion of the protestant scholar. Harnack's reply (PrJ 134/3, 396-398 = Hochl. 6/5, 530-532) to his challenger - known to him by name - should be appreciated in connection with his public support of "women's pursuit of education".

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