Die päpstliche Liturgie in Sankt Paul vor den Mauern bis zu Gregor dem Großen

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„The papal liturgy in St. Paul Outside-the-Walls until Gregory the Great“ – On the basis of the drawings of Onofrio Panvinio (ca. 1560), the article proposes a revision of the reconstruction of the sanctuary of St. Paul made by Santi Pesarini in 1913 and accepted by most scholars. Important aspects to clarify the liturgical disposition are the question of the tomb altar (Paulus-sarcophagus) in the various phases of the church, the celebration to the east and the pontifical liturgy as described by the Ordo Romanus I (700). It seems that St. Paul, and not St. Peter as often believed, was the ideal church for the papal liturgy in medieval times.

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