„… und erlöse uns von dem Bösen“ – Skizzen einer rationalen Soteriologie im Anschluss an Holm Tetens

Zusammenfassung / Summary

Ever since at least the appearance of his Gott denken in February 2015, there has been a turning point in the thinking of Holm Tetens from naturalistic atheism to theistic idealism. Strikingly, his rational theology, rather than discussing the classical proofs for the existence of God, now argues for a reasonable faith in a Redeemer God. And, in line with Kant, Tetens speaks of accepting a transcendental framework. This essay will lay out the thinking process of the Berlin philosopher. It will, further, contextualize his treatment of the problem of evil. Ultimately, it will outline a rational soteriology, trying to defi ne and clarify philosophically the oft-misunderstood concepts of sin, grace, and post-mortem judgment. In conclusion, our thesis is to put the question: Does (not) Tetens’s process-panentheism provide the appropriate vocabulary for a (better) understanding of redemption as deifi cation of humanity and the entire world?

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