Die von Balthasar-Rezeption in Böhmen bis zum Jahr 1989

Zusammenfassung / Summary

The abundant research about Hans Urs von Balthasar can be further developed by a study of the reception of his work in the particular local churches. An illustration of such a method is provided with this paper. At first, it studies the relation of the thinker of Basel to Bohemia (1) and to Czech people (2). Then, it focuses on the way how his work penetrated into Czech lands (3). At last, it discusses von Balthasar’s influence on Czech theologians, particularly on Josef Zvěřina (4). Time restriction in the title suggests that only the period until the end of the Communist era is followed (1989). The findings which have been achieved bear witness how the Czech theology was “working” under the totalitarian regime. In the same way, they even show, with how broad use of term “reception” it is necessary to approach von Balthasar’s work.

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