Religiöse Erfahrung und christliches SelbstverständnisDer Aufstieg eines Deutungsbegriffs und die Folgen

Zusammenfassung / Summary

As consequence of the modern crisis of faith, the concept of religious experience has risen to an important instrument of Christian self-interpretation. Experience can even acquire the role of a criterion of religion. However, an analysis of the three most influential models, Schleiermacher’s immediate experience, Rahner’s transcendental experience and Swinburne’s perceptual approach, shows that the new concept conflicts with traditional theoretical and practical architecture of Christianity. Instead of founding the Christian faith on isolated and uniform concepts of experience, it seems more appropriate to take refuge to the traditional criterion of love. A broader variety of phenomena can be bound together as genuine religious experiences by that rule and remain at the same time dependent to the central source of the Christian religion.

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