Klöster statt Kreuzzug. Die Rombesuche des böhmischen Prämonstratensers Hroznata

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

“Monasteries instead of Crusades: The visits to Rome of the Bohemian Premonstratensian Hroznata († 1217)” – The study deals with the question of when and how often the Blessed Hroznata visited Rome although, unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a conclusive answer. We can only be certain that he was in Rome in August of 1197 with Pope Celestin III, and that he recieved from him the privileges for his monastery in Teplá (Bohemia). According to Vita fratris Hroznatae, he had been in Rome once before and can placed there with high probability around the time of the Roman crowning of Emperor Henry VI in April of 1191. However, a third trip of Hroznata to Rome to receive the Premonstratensian habit from Pope in ca 1201 is highly unlikely.

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