Allerlösung als Freiheitsgeschehen?Eine Debatte analytischer Eschatologie zwischen Thomas Talbott und Jerry Walls

Zusammenfassung / Summary

In the German-speaking world so far barely noticed is an intensive debate in analytical philosophy of religion and theology since the late 80s, concerning the idea of the universal salvation of all human subjects. The ignition point in this dispute about universal salvation is Thomas Talbott’s enduring commitment to a strong universalism, according to which the eschatological salvation of all people is not just a reasonable hope, but a certainty. Talbott’s approach arouses interest because of his claim to design universal salvation in a way that meets the demands of libertarian freedom. Taking into account rationality as a condition for human freedom, a postmortal final decision of man is conceivable only as consent to God’s offering of salvation. Above all, this thesis challenges the contradiction of Jerry Walls who, just out of respect for human freedom, wants to hold on to the possibility of hell.


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