Was ist Freiheit?Ein Versuch zur Klärung begrifflicher Missverständnisse

Zusammenfassung / Summary

The concept of free will plays a significant role in many contemporary theological and philosophical debates. However, this concept is often employed in an unspecific manner, so that its meaning is quite often too vague. This article aims at resolving some of these conceptual misunderstandings. In - spired by Wittgenstein, we first develop a semantic topology of the concept of free will: How can this concept be appropriately used in ordinary language? In a second step, we investigate whether and how our topology may help to diagnose and overcome certain argumentative deadlocks, which exist only for semantic reasons, by looking into two exemplary theological discourses: the debates (1) on the defense of free will and (2) on a freedom-analytical soteriology. This makes it possible to eliminate conceptual obscurities before the question of a suitable theory of free will is even raised.

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