Im Anfang war das WortPhilosophische Überlegungen

Zusammenfassung / Summary

If a beginning has not been experienced, as ist he case with the origin oft he cosmos and the origin of life, such a beginning is known only by the way of reasoning and thus is only present in words. The origins of matter and life seem to be entirely without spirit. However they can only be present through words. Science exists only through words. Some Greek philosophers claimed an identity of subject and object and all scientists are convinced that matter can be known. Therefore matter cannot be absolutely opposed to spirit.
Words stand for everything. In contrast to spirit, words are empirical, i.e. incarnate spirits. Words unite body and spirit and are the empirical refutation of materialism. In Aristotele’s conception, form is a sort of link between matter and spirit. Matter makes spirit possible, makes human beings possible; spirit needs matter to act. Words are the most concise symbol for unity of matter and spirit. Words are the original realm and beginning of philosophy to which philosophers must always return anew.

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