Augustinus als Repräsentant Nordafrikas in der Vita Augustini des Possidius

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„Augustine as representative of North Africa in the Vita Augustini of Possidius“ – While Augustine often referred to his African homeland in his works and sometimes drew attention to problems he had to face, Possidius pursues a different intention with his strong localization of Augustine in Roman North Africa. The idealization of his hero about the misbelief and his portrayal as the ideal bearer of African identity serve Possidius not only to set a literary monument to his friend, but also to contribute to the edification of the African population who were exposed to the violence of the vandals. Just as the African Augustine was able to defeat the Donatists, so the surviving Africans should also confront the Arian vandals. By turning Augustine into the model African, Possidius can encourage the recipients of his Vita Augustini to orient themselves to Augustine and to defend their faith and identity against external threats.

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