Christlicher Glaube - Einheit im GegensatzEin Durchgang durch Simon L. Franks Werk "Mit uns ist Gott. Drei Erwägungen"

Zusammenfassung / Summary

Simon L Frank (1877-1950) ranks as one of the most significant Russian philosophers of the 20th century. Since 2000, a German translation of his works is in the process of being published in an eight-volume edition of his works. The present contribution brings us fundamental ideas from his religious-philosophically and theologically important book Mit uns ist Gott (written 1941). The centre of his thought is the religious experience that is accessible to all human beings and that finds its ultimate depth in encounter with Jesus Christ. It is from this centre that he investigates the critical distinctions in the meaning of dogmas, of Church authority, of sacraments, and of Church community. His reflections on atonement are also worthy of note. Marked overall by spiritual depth and breadth, this work thus also offers impetus for Church renewal.

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