Gestalt und Botschaft JesuEinige Beobachtungen zum zweiten Teil des Werkes Joseph Ratzingers "Jesus von Nazareth"

Zusammenfassung / Summary

Pope Benedict XVI / Josef Ratzinger has published the second volume of his work on Jesus of Nazareth. It contains meditations on the mysteries of the life of Jesus before, at, and after Easter. They are historical and theological expositions of the corresponding biblical texts, that are opened up for us according to a "hermeneutic of faith." How J. Ratzinger understands and lives them is what is described in this work. Some theological lines that characterize his Jesus book are picked up again here, above all the theme that Jesus of Nazareth as the crucified Messiah fulfilled and brought to completion what had been set in motion in the history of his people. The purpose of this book is to help stimulate us toward an understanding reading of the Jesus book.

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