Unendliche Schrecken schauen, fühlen und hören

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

Seeing, Feeling and Hearing the Infinite Horror. A Sensory-Spatial Perspective on Hell in the Vision of Francesca Romana (1384–1440)” – This paper presents a sensory-spatial analysis of hell, based on the visions of Francesca Romana (Frances of Rome). Therefore, the article starts with an overview of medieval representations of the afterlife, then Francesca Romana and the tract of her life and visions are being introduced. Following this, the study focuses on hell as it was described in Francesca Romana’s vision. The particular research interest is the role of the senses in the construction of space in hell. Thereby it turns out that the description of hell, on the one hand, is based on popular interpretations (images, literature, or other representations) of hell, but, on the other hand, the spatial development regards mainly individual sensory qualities, creating a sensory space. In addition, the negative emotions that Francesca formulated by entering hell are conspicuous in the development and construction of the space of hell.

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