Paul Maria Baumgarten über die caritative Arbeit seiner Mutter Lina Baumgarten

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

„Paul Maria Baumgarten on the charity of his mother Lina Baumgarten“ – The article presents the striking personality of the Westfalen-born Friederike Carolina (Lina) Baumgarten, born Böker, who as a dedicated and emancipated Catholic woman from 1905 to 1908 engaged in intensive charitable work unfolded in Rome. Lina led the household of her son Paul Maria, who as a priest, writer and historian maintained close contact with the Campo Santo Teutonico. He was also the one who painted a vivid picture of his mother in a hitherto unpublished manuscript, especially with regard to her work for the Roman Paramentenverein. The manuscript, composed about 1940, is published here.

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