Biblische Notizen. Neue Folge 176 (2018)

Nr. 176 (2018)Amulets and Inscribed Religious Objects

1. Auflage 2018
Bestellnummer: Z020028
Erscheinungstermin PDF: 2018
Bestellnummer PDF: D100097

Kristin De Troyer and Peter Arzt-Grabner (eds.) 

Why did Baltimore Raven’s Middle Linebacker wear golden cleats with “Psalm 91” printed on them? Is having a reference to Ps 91 on one’s shoes already enough to guarantee magical support and in this case victory in an American Football game? In the ancient world, Ps 91 was often used on medallions, pendants, tomb chambers, door lintels, etc. Not just Ps 91 was used, a plethora of Biblical texts was used in amulets. These amulets, with these Biblical texts on it, seem to have functioned in a magical way. Amulets may have functioned in a cultural context in which macro- and micro-cosmos were intertwined and gods, astrology, stone and body were interacting with each other. Even the Name of God, “iao” became a mystical name, albeit much later than commonly accepted. With amulets and magic continuing in Christian times, as demons needed to be exorcised then as well, the question arose as to which texts Jesus and his followers, e.g Paul, used – there is even a collection of “Pauline Amulets”. All these issues are studied and questions are raised in this thematic issue.

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