Gradueller Panpsychismus: Ein Lösungsvorschlag zum Leib-Seele-Problem

Zusammenfassung / Summary

The mind-body problem is tricky. How does our body generate conscious experience? In order to unsnarl this World-Knot, I argue for a position that I would like to call “Gradual Panpsychism”: Mental properties are ubiquitous in physical reality. This panpsychism - which is inspired by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - does not imply that atoms, stones, or plants have conscious experiences like ours. Gradual Panpsychism claims that there is a gradual order of mental properties which increases as the physical properties get more complex. This approach makes two assertions: Mind in nature instead of naturalized mind. And: The more complex an entity is in its physical respect, the more complex is its mental respect.

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