Die Relectiones Melchioris Cani (1547/1548)Bemerkungen zu Gattung, Inhalt und Bedeutung der Festvorlesungen

Zusammenfassung / Summary

The Spanish Dominican theologian Melchior Cano (1506/09–1560) became famous for writing the outstanding treatise De locis theologicis, which made him one of the most important theologians of the “School of Salamanca.” In addition to Cano’s loci theologici, however, two other central writings, which were given as obligatory lectures (relectiones) at the end of each academic year at the University of Salamanca, have been handed down from his early creative period. Although neglected for a long time in the research, these writings represent two early and therefore particularly interesting practical examples of Cano’s understanding of theological topology, which received its nal elaboration in the loci. The present study will therefore focus on the content and significance of these two lectures.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.23769/thph-95-2020-018

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