Der tragische Grund der PhilosophieDas Tragische als diachrone und synchrone Bedingung philosophischen Denkens


Tragedy and philosophy are two distinct forms of interpretation of the world, both developed at the same time in Greece: both are two aspects of a certain mindset of that historical period. The philosophy is systematically and historically successive to tragedy. The tragedy, however, is not only preceding the philosophy, but also accompanying its origin and even forming the contentual cause of philosophy. To illuminate this cause, it is necessary to understand the tragedy and the philosophy as a common distinction from that which precedes them and that they both seek to overcome: the myth. The reciprocal relationship of tragedy and philosophy can be described in the context of their common critique of the myth. At the same time, the phenomenon of tragedy is to be understood as a condition of philosophy, insofar the tragic is an expression of a mindset that allows philosophical thought.

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