Nature in God, Nature of GodKant, Fichte and Schelling


This essay focuses on the systematic role that the concept of “nature in God” plays in Kant’s philosophy, and on the way Fichte and Schelling have drawn on this concept in their respective philosophies. Having expounded Kant’s argument regarding “nature in God” and established Fichte’s and Schelling’s point of congruence, I argue that Schelling’s criticism of Fichte discloses an inherent inconsistency in the latter’s position. I ground my explanation on the difference between the claim that Fichte’s concept of nature is “dead” – mistakenly ascribed to Schelling – and Schelling’s genuine claim, according to which Fichte’s concept of nature is “not even dead”. In the last section I concisely explain why this controversy between Fichte and Schelling is intertwined with Kant’s concept of Ding an sich.

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