Thomasius – Tschirnhaus – KantFrühaufklärerisches Gedankengut in der kritischen Philosophie Kants


The impression that Kant’s thought derives only from the second generation of the German Enlightenment, i. e. Wolff and his detractors, has been mainly fostered because of the following facts: a) Kant, during his teaching activity as a Professor at the University of Königsberg used the compendiums of G. F. Meier and A. G. Baumgarten for his lectures on Logic and Metaphysics, and b) neither in his main works, nor in his correspondence, do the names of Thomasius and Tschirnhaus appear. This notwithstanding, a careful reading of Thomasius, Einleitung zu der Vernunfft-Lehre and Tschirnhaus, Medicina Mentis gives evidence of the core ideas of the Early German Enlightenment as deeply infiltrated into the Kantian work. It is here to be shown how the strands of thought deriving from this works remained alive in Kant, being further elaborated by him in detail.

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