Thomas Aquinas on the Unique Status of the Proposition "God Exists"


The discussion centers on the theme presented by Thomas that in God esse and essentia are the same: the form of the proposition “God exists” is that of identity. Although this proposition is per se notum in itself, it is not self evident for us because we can comprehend the term “God” and even more so the term “Existence” only analogically. I claim that for Thomas, the term “God” is identical not with the “Existence of God”, but with esse itself. “Esse” can be comprehended only after we establish the relationship between God and the world. Therefore an Ontological Argument is impossible. Also, even when we prove that God exists, we comprehend the truth of the proposition “God exists” only in the manner that Thomas calls “esse ut verum”. This means, in my interpretation, that although we know that the proposition is true, we can’t represent this truth according to the real metaphysical truth.

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