Wohlfart, Günter

Günter Wohlfart

Günter Wohlfart

Guenter Wohlfart, born 1943 in Frankfurt /Germany, studied philosophy, German literature and psychoanalysis in Germany. As a young man he taught at different German universities specializing in German Idealism and ancient Greek philosophy. He published books on Kant (Ph.D. thesis), Hegel (Habilitation), Nietzsche, and Heraclitus. His main fields of research were aesthetics and philosophy of language. After his transcultural turn he dealt with Zen-Buddhism and philosophical Daoism.As a visiting professor he taught in Mainland China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. He published books on Zen, Laozi and Zhuangzi. His main fields of research are comparative philosophy and ancient Chinesethinking. Since his retirement, Wohlfart lives in his mountain cottage in Southern France.(

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Laughter in Eastern and Western Philosophies. Proceedings of the Académie du Midi
Proceedings of the Académie du Midi
Hans-Georg Moeller (Herausgeber), Günter Wohlfart (Herausgeber)
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